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Listed below are a small section of organisations that we have found useful and important sources of info and support. For a more comprehensive list of local organisations see the listing for LAMP.

Recovery and Person Centred Planning

Mental Health Recovery & WRAP

A site containing info on recovery, crisis planning, self esteem and self help. A useful resource for people experiencing mental distress as well as those trying to support them

Working to recovery

Ron is a survivor, a trainer, an author and has developed a recovery centred approach for helping others with their own ‘voices' and experiences. His website details some of his experiences, his work, his writing and his training days/workshops

Local Service Directories


Lots of information on a wide range of issues (including housing and benefits), an extensive contact directory (local & nationwide), plus the latest news and a discussion board.

Hearing voices

Intervoice - The International Community For Hearing Voices

Contains lots of information on voice-hearing and related experiences - including people's stories, alternative perspectives, hearing voices groups, research, events, latest news, publications and a discussion forum.

Hearing Voices Network

If you hear voices HVN can help – they are committed to helping people who hear voices. Their reputation is growing as the limitations of a solely medical approach to voices become better known. Psychiatry refers to hearing voices as ‘auditory hallucinations’ but our research shows that there are many explanations for hearing voices. Many people begin to hear voices as a result of extreme stress or trauma.

They offer information, support and understanding to people who hear voices and those who support them.


Coping with coming off

This website aims to give you up to date information about psychiatric medication, how it functions and the withdrawal process. It is put together by people who have been prescribed medication and withdrawn from it, and clinicians who have been involved in supporting this process. If we have a period of distress or confusion and receive medical help we are generally given a diagnosis and prescribed psychiatric drugs. Research suggests doctors tend to know more about putting people on medication than the actual withdrawal process. It is important therefore to disseminate information about the ‘coming off' process.

The April Charity - Adverse psychiatric reactions to medication

APRIL was founded by Millie Kieve who began researching for information about adverse drug reactions (ADR's) after the death of her daughter Karen in 1995.

This web site is dedicated to sufferers of iatrogenic benzodiazepine tranquilliser addiction everywhere. Launched on July 6, 2000 with a dozen pages this site now has around 800 pages of articles and information, expert medical documents, news stories and personal accounts.

Living With Psychiatric Medication Group

This local group meets regularly and is open to anyone who has an interest in living with psychiatric medication. The group often invite guest speakers from a range of interested groups and organisations, organize larger events, discussion and debate.

Advocacy and rights

LAMP Advocacy Project

Advocacy is a way of empowering people. It helps them express their personal views and needs so that they can get their rights and entitlements. Advocacy also assists people to make informed choices by offering them the information they need. When you first make contact with one of our Mental Health Advocates, they will listen to you to find out what is needed to ease the situation. They will discuss with you what your options are and how you wish to proceed. They will not proceed without your consent. Your opinions and feelings will be respected and treated confidentially. The Advocate will not judge you or patronise you.


Mind Freedom

MFI is an independent nonprofit coalition defending human rights and promoting humane alternatives for mental and emotional well being.


The Icarus Project - Navigating The Space Between Brilliance & Madness

"By joining together as individuals and as a community, the intertwined threads of madness and creativity can inspire hope and transformation in an oppressive and damaged world. Our participation in The Icarus Project helps us overcome alienation and tap into the true potential that lies between brilliance and madness" - An online community sharing artwork, articles and support


Originally run informally, BrightSparks is a formally constituted arts in mental health group. It's central principles are: to use the arts to promote positive images of mental health; social inclusion; and service user and carer involvement. It exists to acknowledge, support, and showcase the creative talent that exists within the mental health community through an expanding portfolio of creative projects. These include: The BrightSparks Annual Showcase, The Brighter Side and Artspace.